ScottGrouch.png Home_Trash2Treasure.pngWhen I was a kid, my favorite Sesame Street Character was Oscar the Grouch. I LOVE trash! And I hate to see perfectly good stuff go to the landfill. I would HATE it if anyone bought me these things; the point is to salvage stuff that would otherwise be headed to the trash!

Here's what I'd love, and what I'd do with it:

Little Lego People
We do lots of small-scale demonstrations, and the would help establish scale.
Old CD players
The motors inside make great toys when we study electrical energy.
Peanut butter jars
We use them as "fire extinguishers" when we study chemical energy.
Old tools/kitchen gadgets
We learn about mechanical advantage from these tools.
Cat Litter Containers
The squarish stackable containers are great in our storage cabinets.
Tinkertoys & K'nex
These toys are great for making models of many forms of technology.
Wipes Containers
These are great for organizing and distributing sets of lab materials.
Aerosol Cans
The warning labels and ingredients are a great intro to chemical energy.
Old 9-volt batteries
They are actually made of individual 1.5 v cells in series.
Computer Mice
Great studies in mechanical/optical/electrical transformations.
Tennis Balls, Golf Balls
Lots of motion studies start with worn out tennis balls and golf balls.
20 oz Soda Bottles
Our physics teachers use these for their Bottle Rocket project.

Trash-To-Treasure Honor Roll

Thanks to these individuals who have given me cool trash that made me happy:
  • Mrs. G for an old hairdryer;
  • Mr. B for an old hand-held vacuum cleaner;
  • Chris W for a wireless mouse;
  • Kyle K for some sorting containers;
  • Noah F for a string of christmas lights;
  • Destiny G for some film canisters, for alka-seltzer rockets;
  • Kelly C for some strings of christmas lights;
  • Mrs. G for a great set of K'Nex parts;
  • Nakki for some computer parts, which could be perfect for a mini-hovercraft;
  • Glory for a computer mouse;
  • Mr. Q for an older GPS unit;
  • Christina for two strings of partly-dead christmas lights;
  • Mrs. F for an antique thermometer;
  • Wouldn't you like your name to appear here??