1. Communication

I am eager to create a positive, productive learning environment for your child. If there is anything that you would like me to know, or need to know from me, I hope you will contact me! E-mail is easiest, and I can be reached at scox@umasd.org.

2. Major Projects

Each marking period will involve one major project which will require extensive work outside of class. Honors classes will also include a special honors project. In some of these major projects, students will be permitted to work alone or with one partner. Their work will be graded according to announced standards, so surprises should be kept to a minimum. The nature of the project will vary, but should give an outlet for creativity and individuality, as well as showcasing their understanding of science and technology.

3. Classrooms for the Future (CFF)

Much of our work in class will use the tools available through the "Classrooms For the Future" program. Students will regularly use laptops in class, and will make use of a variety of online tools for their work. This will shift the focus from more traditional homework assignments to innovative alternatives that make the most of these tools. Students will never be expected to provide their own access to the internet, but may need to stay after school if they rely on the school for their computer work. I put many review activities and quizzes on this website. You can see what we do by checking in here, or on the MyBigCampus links to the left!

4. Rigor & Relevance

These two words have given focus to our school's mission of "Inspiring Excellence: In Every Student, Every Day."
  • This course is rigorous. The only way to be successful in science, technology, engineering, and math is to pay attention to the details. We will push them to understand complex systems and related ideas. We will expect them to conduct experiments and investigations with care, and report on them clearly. We will give every student the chances, support, and enrichment they need to turn out high-quality work.
  • This course is relevant to everyone. We study the science involved in the technology that pervades our lives. Energy, materials, and information come together in every device we use, from a cell phone to the nuclear power plant at Limerick. When students learn the science behind this technology, they prepare themselves for a satisfying life as a citizen, worker, consumer, and life-long learner. From light bulbs to gasoline, windmills to coal mines, telescopes to microwaves--it's all part of this course!

5. Other Questions

What should I buy for your class?
Nothing! Anything you want to buy as a special treat for your student might be just fine, but I'll make sure they have what they need. I use a digital notebook and resources, so their school laptop will be their most important tool.
Can I take your class?
Thanks for asking! I'm working on making this website a stand-alone resource that could be valuable to people outside of my classes. Do you have any suggestions for me?

6. Helpful Links

Click on the link below to find out more! This will take you to the Grade Portal, where you will find current assignments, and links to the calendar and class announcements. The resources that might help you work with your child are customized to the class they take. If you have any questions about what you see there, your child might be able to explain it. You are always welcome to email me at scox@umasd.org .
Grade Portal Link

7. Open House Notes